Canyon Rigging and Movement

Canyon Rigging and Movement
From AUD $500.00
  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Blackheath, NSW
  • Product code: canyonrigging

After the first four days looking at things like ascending a rope, improvising descenders and back-up systems for abseiling, setting
top belays, rescues and hauls and more (prerequisites for this course you should have already completed), these final 2 days are where it all comes together in the canyons.  You will put your new skills into practice assessing anchors, rigging in a canyon environment, negotiating tricky obstacles and learning how to back-up and test anchors that leave a little to be desired.

We'll also point you towards other resources to work on your navigation, remote area first aid and weather interpretation - other essential skills for canyon leaders.

All equipment including helmets, harnesses, wetsuits, backpacks, dry bags and ropes is provided. 

This course equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to:

  • Select appropriate equipment for
    independent canyoning trips

  • Identify and assess a variety of canyoning

  • Build retrievable abseil systems

  • Utilise back up anchors where required

  • Set up handlines, traverse lines and new
    anchors where required

  • Recognise, prevent, respond to and solve
    the most common abseiling and canyoning problems that require self rescue or

  • Minimise your impact on the canyon


Throughout the course your instructor will
give you personalised instruction on developing your skills and technique,
covering areas such as:

  • Moving efficiently on rope

  • Techniques for negotiating difficult

  • Tips on managing equipment like backpacks
    and spare ropes

  • Getting the most out of a small budget for

  • Recommended next steps and skills to
    practices after the course

  • Applications of the base principles to
    common problems/non-routine situations

  • Applying the above skills to single and
    double rope descent and/or ascent

  • Discussion of other ways to use these tools
    and skills

And plenty of time for practice.


As the course progresses we will apply
these skills to increasingly complex situations.